Dark Music – The Serpents Tongue | Classical Requiem

I composed this piece inspired by the figure cloaked in white in the painting.
The high quality version of this song will be available in all stores tomorrow and will be on an album coming soon!! The painting used was painted in 1646 by Salvator Rosa. Scenes of the occult were rare, though not unknown in 17th-century Italy. During his years in Florence (1640-9) Rosa produced a number of scenes of witchcraft. The painting also coincides with a poem he wrote called "The Witch" I composed the piece around the person cloaked in white. To me, the cloaked figure has caused all the havoc within the painting. A devilish tongue poisoning the minds of the people, causing them to delve into the dark arts and mindless activities as if under a spell.

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Song – The Serpents Tongue © All Rights Reserved
Composed and Produced by Peter Gundry
Artwork painted by Salvator Rosa (est 1646)
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