25 Shocking ASSASSINATIONS That Shook The World

Are you familiar with some of the world’s most shocking assassinations? Most of the assassinated people on this list contributed greatly to the development of our world. Sadly, there were those people whose dark hatred led them to take the lives of some of these great people. Take a look at 25 shocking assassinations that shook the world.

Assassins have taken the lives of some incredible people. It’s sad because if these famous people were still alive, who knows what they could have done. Of course, not every individual on this list was what you would consider a good person (looking at you #18). Check out these shocking assassinations (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below what you think would have happened if these people were not assassinated.


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American presidents seem to have a strong history with assassinations. Take for example President James A Garfield who was shot twice in the back while walking through the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station. Then there’s the 25th President William McKinely who was assassinated by Leon Czolgosz. Probably the most famous presidential assassination was that of Abraham Lincoln who was assassinated at Ford Theatre. Of course, American presidents are not the only influential people who have been assassinated. Check out these 25 shocking assassinations that shook the world.

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