25 DEADLIEST Poisons Known To Mankind

The deadliest poisons can kill you in an instant. Whats worse, some of them are undetectable by normal means. Check out the 25 deadliest poisons known to mankind.

We hope that your enemies never get their hands on any of these poisons. Because if these enter your body in any way, you’re toast. The poisons on today’s list are so powerful, that some only need a small drop to kill their victim. Check out these the most poisonous substances on earth (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below why you think these poisons were made:


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Did you know that some of the most deadly poisons are easily accessible? Consider the water hemlock plant. It’s common in North America and people have died from consuming it thinking it’s a safe plant to eat. It’s not. Then there’s Botulinum toxin. You may recognize this poison as Botox. If not handled carefully this toxin can cause paralysis and even death. Other poisons may not be as common but are considerably deadlier. These poisons include the pufferfish (or the tetrodotoxin inside of it), Sarin gas, and Anthrax. Stay away from all of these substances! Check out these and more of the 25 deadliest poisons known to man.

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