25 CREEPIEST Things Kids Have Ever Said

You won’t believe some of the creepiest things kids have ever said. Granted, kids are known for their ability to say things at the most inconvenient moments. But what you’re about to read is not just inconvenient, is borderline scary. Check out the 25 creepiest things kids have ever said.

Have you ever had a kid say something that totally creeped you out? It could be something you were not expecting for the kid to know or maybe something dark and paranormally creepy. Today, you’re going to learn about some of the creepiest things kids have ever said. Brace yourself because this really weird. Check out these creepy kid sayings (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever heard any kid saying things as creepy as these (or creepier?):


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What would you do if your kid came up to you and said “will you help me kill daddy?”. What if out of the blue your kid said to himself “demons get out, get out” or “I want to destroy all nature”. Creepy, right? It’s shocking because kids are supposed to be innocent and kind. But kids have said dark things like this before. From where or how or even why they would say something like this…who knows. Check out the rest of these 25 creepy things kids have ever said.
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