1 Hour of Dark Music | The Unspoken Tales | Halloween Special

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Album – The Unspoken Tales (c) All Rights Reserved
Composer – Peter Gundry
Photography by Manuela Kali
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Model – Martina Sacchetti


1. The Master of Death
2. Shades & Shadows
3. The Shadows Hymn
4. Invocavi Maledictus Ventis
5. Tonight Ve Dance
6. The Essence
7. The Witch Trials
8. The Hand That Feeds You
9. The Nocturnal
10. Blood Wars
11. Rise Of The Fallen
12. The Daughter Of Darkness
13. The Ashes Will Be Woken
14. The One Who Dwells Within
15. The Witch's Curse
Coming Album ( 2 Demo Songs )
1. Bury my Heart
2. The Ancient Gift

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